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Davis & Shirtliff staff who have reached the 10years mark with the chairman Alec Davis
May is an important month in the D&S year as it ends the first financial half and is also when we celebrate Founders Day which marks the Company's founding in 1946, now 77 years ago, by my father Eddie Davis and his partner Dick Shirtliff. We are all very proud of this long history and continuity, which is unusual in the corporate world, and the success that has been achieved by following the founders guiding principles and values. Celebrations were held throughout the Group to mark the occasion which is also when retirements and service awards are presented.

I particularly commend long serving retirees Daniel Kamau and Paul Ng’ang’a and also 25-year awardees David Bolo and Mohammed Farook, both senior executives who have made enormous contributions over their years of service. I also commend an unprecedented 45 10-year awardees. I'm truly grateful for so many loyal staffers and it shows that D&S must be considered a good company to work for! I mention two other notable activities that I have been involved with in the period. The first was the opening of the new D&S Zambia Luyansha Rd Distribution Centre in Lusaka. This is a major investment by the Group in our Central African business, the new capacity being transformational. The project was masterminded by MD Jonathan Mainga and I'm very grateful to him for his great efforts.

The other was commissioning of a large, combined Ultra Filtration/Reverse Osmosis 30m3 water treatment plant for site supply to the Lake Turkana Wind Project. This project is a
huge achievement establishing a 360 mW wind farm, one of the world's largest, in a most inhospitable environment and making a substantial contribution to Kenya's large renewable energy generating capacity. The D&S installation was a successful collaboration between the HO Projects, Engineering and Water Treatment teams led by David Ngari who was the main coordinator with the client. It is an excellent example of D&S's great engineering capacity and a tribute to